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How To Make Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are a concentrated, terpenoid-rich mass made by steeping fresh cannabis buds or leaves in hot water for several hours. Concentrates are created from cannabis byproducts called cannabidiol and hydrocotyle which contain significant amounts of delta-9-THC, the primary active ingredient in cannabis. Some concentrates may also contain lesser quantities of other cannabidols and can produce a milder high. The concentrated form of cannabis is sometimes mixed with oils in order to create new scents or aroma.

How Do Concentrates Like Marijuana Work?

shatter or live resin is an important component to produce successful cannabis concentrates, as it provides the ideal base material for the extraction process. Shatter or live resin contains the plant material which has been saturated with the concentrated cannabis Concentrates. This material may be different than what is found in the bud because the plant material is saturated with the concentrated materials including the live resin; therefore, the final product must meet standards that are set by the FDA.

Kief is a fermented beverage from a coffee flower called “kiva” which is most often used as a spiritual medium to communicate with spirit and the gods. It is considered to be a spiritual herb in the native Mayan cultures and the practice of life have transcended throughout many ancient cultures. When used in conjunction with cannabis concentrates, kief can take on completely new characteristics and become a powerful, highly potent and intoxicating product. The specific concentrated ingredient of life can vary greatly; however, in general the base will include the dried flowers, stems, leaves and bark of the coffee flower as well as any other additional materials such as rosin or vegetable dyes. The finished kief is often infused with sugar, covered in either honey or another sweetener, and served as a beverage.