Disposable Email Detection

disposable email detection

Email verification tools identify disposable email addresses by checking the entered email address against lists of known disposable email domains and analyzing various other variables such as the length of the email, syntax, user activity on your site/app or even the IP address that the user is using to signup. Some vendors also use their own real-time data to check for spam patterns and aliases used to hide real email addresses in order to avoid being blocked by ISPs or ESPs.

Disposable email detection  is a valuable tool for online businesses and web/app owners to block low quality users and cybercriminals from misusing their websites and platforms. In addition to the obvious benefit of reducing junk, spam and fraud, it’s also essential for improving overall deliverability rates and boosting engagement.

To identify and clean up your list of disposable emails, you can either use a standalone disposable email detection service or integrate an API or web-based mail lookup into your website or software. Some of these tools require you to enter the email address that you want to verify into the search box, while others are able to verify any email address (including disposables) as soon as it is inputted on your platform or website.

Combatting Disposable Emails: Effective Techniques for Detection and Prevention

For example, Kickbox’s free email validation service can automatically detect disposable emails as well as a variety of other types of risky or bad email addresses like typos and syntax errors, catch-all email services, spam traps, splogs and full inboxes. You can download your report and exclude the bad or risky emails from your list for improved deliverability and engagement.