Introduction to AI For Everyone

Designed to introduce the basics of AI for Everyone, this course will help you understand the terminology and applications of the latest AI technologies. You’ll learn the meaning behind terms like ML, NN, and DS as well as how to spot opportunities for applying AI to problems in your own organization. The course will also help you formulate an AI strategy for your business and navigate ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI.

AI for Everyone

The course will start with a brief overview of the history and impact of AI, followed by an explanation of what AI really is (not just what people think it’s). Next you’ll learn about the common use cases and applications of AI such as recommender systems, computer vision, self-driving cars, and more. Then you’ll dive deeper into the more technical side of things by gaining an understanding of machine learning algorithms including supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning as well as neural networks.

The course will conclude by discussing the future of AI and what to consider as you plan your own AI strategy for your business. The course will also help you navigate the ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI and how to best prepare for the jobs of the future. No prior coding or AI experience is required to take this course, making it accessible to non-technical professionals and managers as well as engineers who want to understand the business implications of AI. Instructed by an industry pioneer, this course will leave you with a strong foundation for your AI journey.