The Jaguar E Type Price

The jaguar e type price is a very expensive car, but it’s well worth the investment. It’s a stunning, beautiful classic car and if you have the money to spend it will make your heart go pitter patter!

It’s a great car for the driver, with excellent handling and great reliability. It also has all the little features you’d expect in a sports car, like headlight flasher, windshield washer, anti-glare rear view mirror and variable instrument lighting.

This makes the Jaguar a very comfortable car to drive and a very safe one too, especially on long trips. The E-type was a joy to drive, and over a 14 year production run it proved its worth as the perfect British sports car.

The Evolution of the Jaguar E-Type: From 1961 to Today

It was a success at the track too, winning races around the world, and being a favourite amongst celebrities of that time, including Frank Sinatra, racing icon Steve Mcqueen and Count Basie. Its popularity and success meant that it was able to command some of the most impressive prices for its age.

There are many different models of the Jaguar e type, with the most important being the Series 1. It was introduced in 1961 and was initially available for export only.

Initially it was fitted with a 3.8L SU carbureted triple six-cylinder engine. This was later increased to a 4.8L in 1964.

The next version was the Series 2 which changed from smooth cam covers to ribbed ones in 1968, and detuned the three SU carburetors to reduce torque and horsepower.