The Tesla Model Y Review

The tesla model y kwh Y is one of the most competitive SUVs in the market, but Tesla’s little electric SUV has a lot going for it – notably its excellent range, rock solid build quality and super smart technology. It’s great around town too, with the quiet electric motor making it refined to cruise about in slow-moving traffic and scooting out into gaps in city streets without any stress. However, it’s less comfortable on poorly surfaced roads with the bigger alloy wheels thudding into potholes and jiggling about over bumps. The turning circle is also large, meaning the Model Y labours through tight turns that are easy in other small EVs such as the Skoda Enyaq.

Inside, the Model Y’s minimalist interior features only a 15-inch touchscreen control centre that controls nearly everything in the car. This is a real technological masterclass and a joy to use, with Tesla putting a huge amount of thought into designing the best driver experience in the business.

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A frunk sits under the front passenger seat and is a handy place to store luggage on longer trips, while the back seats fold flat when you’re not carrying passengers for even more space. There’s a big storage area under the armrest too, which can be lined with Tesla’s official storage dividers to maximize the space.

The most important feature, though, is the incredible Autopilot, which takes the stress out of long journeys. It can steer, accelerate and brake for you, change lanes on motorways and even drive you to your destination if you tell it where you want to go.