What Is A Smart Door Lock And Fob?

A smart door lock is a unique electronic lock that is able to do many different locking and unlocking functions on a sliding door without the need for manual entry by a key or a recognized transponder code. These new type of locks come in a variety of different styles to fit a wide variety of door types. There are also many different models available, with prices ranging between inexpensive and quite expensive. The technology behind these new door locks is relatively simple.

Smart door lock – A unique electronic lock

An existing deadbolt is converted via an inconspicuous wiring process into an easily installed smart door lock. The deadbolt is connected to a sensing device such as a wireless doorbell or sensor. When the door opens, the sensing device sends a radio signal to the smart deadbolt lock, which then unlocks automatically. These signals are transmitted to a data receiver, which stores the information that has been captured and decoded. The database is constantly updated, so that as soon as a new entry is made, a new, secret code can be entered in order to unlock the door. As long as the wireless internet connection or alarm system in the home is operational, all this information is able to be accessed instantly, in the case of a crisis.

For added security, several different options are available. One option is a keypad lock, where a wireless keypad is integrated into the locking mechanism itself. In the event of a lock-out, the keypad will be displayed and will allow only certain individuals access to the home. Another option is the fob enabled locking system. This feature requires that a fob is kept within a certain range of the home, usually inside the front door, and that it will unlock the door by contact with a specified, pre-determined code. Both options are quite effective in their own ways, but in most cases there is no need to use both due to the significant advantages of a smart door lock and fob enabled locking system.