Who Buys Oxygen Concentrators Near Me?

who buys oxygen concentrators near me

If you or a loved one uses oxygen therapy, then you are likely familiar with portable concentrators. These medical devices are designed to collect oxygen and nitrogen present in ambient air, filter it to remove impurities and then provide a steady flow of high-quality medical grade oxygen for breathing. They come in compressed gas, liquid and portable systems.

Before you purchase a portable oxygen concentrator, consult with your doctor to be sure that the device is necessary and the correct prescription has been written. They may want to conduct a sleep study or other tests to determine your optimal oxygen flow, and the type of machine you will need. This information will be included in your prescription, often written as the oxygen level required in liters per minute (LPM). Find out who buys oxygen concentrators near me –

Be cautious when purchasing a used concentrator. If not properly cleaned and disinfected, a used concentrator can harbor bacteria that can cause infection. Purchasing from an authorized dealer ensures that the used concentrator will have been properly disinfected and will work as intended.

To find out who buys oxygen concentrators near you, you can consider the following options

If your doctor has determined that you require home oxygen, Medicare will pay for the equipment and supplies if your practitioner writes a valid prescription for them. Your practitioner will also need to specify the length of time you require the oxygen supply for, and this period is typically a 36-month rental or supplier obligation. At the end of the rental or supplier obligation period, you will need to return the equipment to the supplier.