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One of the best ways to know your pet is healthy is to take them to a charleston veterinarian. You can find a variety of veterinarians in the Lowcountry who offer affordable and quality care to pets. Some of these vets specialize in exotic pets. They may also offer emergency care.

Regardless of the type of animal you have, a physical exam will reveal many things about its health. These include issues with its eyes, teeth, kidneys, and gastrointestinal system. In addition, pets are living longer lives due to advances in veterinary medicine.

Depending on your needs, your primary veterinarian might refer you to specialists. These vets have a background in specific areas, such as oncology or surgery.

For example, if your pet has cancer, he or she may need specialist care. Additionally, pets that have heartworm disease need to be tested at least once a year. If you fail to do this, it can be expensive to kill the adult heartworms. However, you can prevent the disease with a monthly pill.

Understanding Vaccines and When Your Pet Needs Them

Whether your animal is a dog or cat, you can depend on Charleston MT Nittany Veterinary for high-quality and low-cost medical treatments. They provide comprehensive exams and consultations.

The practice’s veterinarians are equipped with the latest technology and experienced veterinary nurses. This allows them to treat your pet without fear or anxiety.

Aside from offering regular veterinary services, the practice also provides grooming services. It also offers low-cost vaccinations.

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