Best Thc Cream For Nerve Pain

If you suffer from thc cream for nerve pain pain—which can include burning, aching, tingling, and tenderness in the skin, muscles, or joints—thc cream for nerve pain may help. Many studies and anecdotal reports show that a topical application of cannabis, such as a thc cream, can relieve neuropathic pain by targeting specific cannabinoid receptors in the skin and nerves. It also reduces inflammation, which often accompanies neuropathy.

The good news is that most thc lotions for nerve pain won’t make you high—even when they contain a significant amount of THC. That’s because the cannabinoids don’t actually breach the bloodstream (a necessary element in the pharmacological process that results in intoxication); instead, they penetrate only for localized relief. This is in stark contrast to other delivery methods, such as CBD gummies or oils, which are absorbed into the digestive tract and metabolized in the liver before reaching the brain.

Beyond the Ordinary: The Extra Strength of 4000mg CBD Creams

Our picks for the best thc pain creams are formulated with a variety of nourishing ingredients to soothe and comfort achy muscles and joints. They include pain-relieving CBD, wintergreen and camphor oil, which can provide a pleasant, warming sensation. They also have aloe vera, which soothes and moisturizes.

This cream from Pure Kana has excellent reviews and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, making it a great choice for people who have tried other THC topicals with less success. Many reviewers love how easy it is to apply, thanks to the pump bottle—plus they say they feel immediate relief from this formula.