How Mintsoft Has Transformed Ogden Fulfillment Ltd

Ogden Fulfilment

Located just an hour from Salt Lake City, Ogden is home to many ski equipment businesses and has the benefit of being a smaller city that will allow you to find 3PL fulfilment services with less competition than in Utah’s capital. Additionally, the Ogden 3PL marketplace offers several excellent warehouse locations to choose from with ample storage and warehousing space.Find out:

Before Ogden Fulfilment implemented Mintsoft, they were operating with 1 warehouse and relying on manual processes to fulfil their clients’ orders. The team found it extremely time-consuming to manually go into their clients’ sales channels and pull data from their inventory, creating shipping labels and dispatching goods.

Customer-Centric Logistics: How Ogden Fulfilment Enhances the Shopping Experience

They decided to switch to a WMS with automation capabilities and have never looked back. They now operate across 4 warehouses in West Yorkshire serving 180 different B2C and B2B customers with varying requirements. The most significant change since implementing Mintsoft has been the ability to automatically create shipping labels – saving their team hours. Mintsoft’s Whitelabel option allows users to create a branded customer portal that reflects the company branding and makes it easier to onboard new clients.

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