Quantity Surveyors – Secure Your Coins From Fraud

Quantity Surveyors NZ is a New Zealand company specialising in surveying all kinds of Numismatic coins and medals. Their range of services includes coin grading, valuation, restoration, and ownership verification. They are especially proficient at grading foreign coins and repairing damages done to them. Quantity Surveyors NZ also offers coin restoration services.Read More – linked here

How to Secure Your Coins From Fraud

Quantity Surveyors NZ

Quantity Surveyors NZ was established in 1981 by businessman John Price. He set up a factory in Pukekohe and has been manufacturing world class numismatic coins for the past thirty years. The company is located in Auckland, New Zealand and ships all over the world carrying top grade coins to customers who have coins they would like to buy insured. Their range of numismatic coins include bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and rare coins.

If you wish to invest in numismatic coins then John Price & Company can help you do so, as they offer a full range of numismatic insurance policies that cover the value of your coin collection in the event that it is damaged or stolen. Some policies will also give you a replacement fund should your coin become destroyed. You can view a gallery of the different types of numismatic coins that they offer on their website.