Retractable Pergolas – Choose the Right Pergola

In Australia, retractable pergolas have become an ideal outdoor shade solution. The sleek design, comfort, high wind resistance, high energy efficiency, and modern aesthetic are the major reasons why retractable patio pergolas is such a popular option for home and commercial owners in Australia. This article offers a detailed insight into this excellent product that has come a long way since its inception.

Retractable Pergola Canopy Installation

The main advantages of retractable patio pergolas lie in their versatility, light weight, low maintenance, and easy setup. They can be installed in a short span of time and can provide shade even in areas that are prone to heavy winds. Unlike a traditional pergola which requires extensive and expensive construction and landscaping, retractable patio pergolas can be assembled quickly and conveniently. Moreover, this product requires minimal space as they can easily be placed against any wall, fence, or building.

Another advantage of retractable patio pergolas is their lightweight. This makes them easy to set up and remove if required. With its lightweight, it can also be easily moved from one location to another. If you want to use retractable patio pergolas for the purpose of shade, then you would need to make sure that it has good wind resistance. There are two types of pergola that one can choose from: horizontal and vertical. The horizontal patio pergola can be used with any type of weather condition; whereas, the vertical kind is specifically designed for areas that face severe weather conditions.