The Pond Builders

The Pond Builders are the most experienced and knowledgeable water garden contractors that I have ever worked with. Their workmanship is impeccable and their customer service is unmatched. Their staff knows the ins and outs of installing a water garden and can help you navigate through the process as smoothly as possible.

I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to have a water feature installed on their property. They have done several projects for me and each one has exceeded my expectations!

Ponds provide a wonderful retreat from the stresses of everyday life. They soothe our souls by watching light play off their ripples, listening to the splash of water and observing the many wild animals that are drawn to them for water, food or rest. It is a great way to enjoy nature without the cost of travel and a long vacation. You can find peace and relaxation right in your own backyard in Westchester or Putnam County, NY or Fairfield County (CT).

From Vision to Reality: How The Pond Builders Bring Your Dream Pond to Life

Your choice of a contractor to dig and construct the pond is a very important decision and should be made with careful consideration. A good contractor should be licensed, insured and have references you can contact. They will be able to explain the soil survey and describe how the pond will be constructed. If wetlands are involved, a permit may be required from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The best way to research a Pond Construction Contractor is to see their previous work. A reputable Pond Contractor will have a portfolio on their website with photos of their projects. They should also have a transparent website with information about their processes, team and pricing.