Castor Wheels – How to Choose the Right Material for Your Castor Wheels

castor wheels

Castor wheels are a versatile accessory that can be used to move almost any type of equipment. They are particularly useful in offices as they allow for near-total rearrangement of the workspace, maximizing productivity and team work efforts.

When choosing wheel casters it’s important to choose a material that can handle the weight and wear of your equipment. This is especially true if you are using them to move heavy items.

A castor wheel’s load capacity is influenced by its diameter and the material of the wheel itself. For example, polyurethane, iron core, molded nylon, cast iron, or aluminum core wheels are capable of taking up to 1500lbs per caster, while rubber and plastic are better for lighter loads.

The Importance of Material Selection in Caster Wheels

Moreover, a wheel’s material also affects the way it distributes weight. A larger castor wheel can distribute a heavier load more effectively than a smaller one, making it easier to maneuver the load and reduce strain on the floor.

Another important consideration is the material’s resistance to specific environments and conditions. For example, certain types of castor wheels are able to resist chemicals and other contaminants that may be present in the workplace.

If you are looking for a castor wheel that can stand up to the toughest conditions, consider switching to a polyurethane wheel. They are incredibly durable, have high load capacities, and can protect floors. They can also be used in humid or wet environments without compromising their strength and integrity.