Why Buy an Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Made in NZ?

open face helmet nz

It is essential to buy an open face motorcycle helmet made in New Zealand. While off-shore helmets may save you money, they will likely not last long and could be a scam. You also risk not being covered by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act. Purchasing your helmet from a New Zealand motorcycle dealer will save you both time and embarrassment later on. In addition to saving money, buying local also supports local motorcycle dealers. Source –

Make Sure To Purchase A New Zealand-made One

Another benefit of open-face helmets is their aerodynamics. They tend to lift, exposing your face to the wind. But, on the other hand, open-face helmets are more comfortable and allow you to drink and eat without removing your helmet. Open-face helmets also allow you to look out the side of the road without having to take them off. Open-face helmets are also cooler than full-face helmets, which makes them great for hot weather.

If you’re looking for a new open-face motorcycle helmet, you may want to consider a modular helmet. It features a flip-up front portion. This makes it easy to communicate with other riders while riding. This type of helmet is heavier than full-face helmets, due to the extra bracing and mechanisms inside. While they do provide the same protection as a full-face helmet, open-face helmets can pose a higher risk of facial injury.